Name: Brandon Hagen, "Hagen"
Age: 25
Birthplace: French Lick, IN
Western zodiac: Aquarius
Eastern zodiac: Rabbit
Virtues: Responsibility, Wit, Commitment, Creativity, Dependability
Vices: Jealousy, Stubbornness, Indecisiveness, Cynicism, Condescension
Instruments: drumset, hand percussion, mallet percussion, guitar, piano
Other projects: N/A
Day job: Little Caesars, General Manager
Favorite bands: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco
Favorite movies: Inception, Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, Once, American Beauty, Identity
Favorite books: "Of Mice and Men", "The Grove"
Favorite games: Halo series, Call of Duty series, Starfox 64, Phase 10, Euchre
Biggest musical influence: Glenn Kotche, John Bonham, Jason McGerr
Favorite Piasa song: This Time
Outside interests: watching movies, listening to music, spending time with my girlfriend, playing guitar, hanging out with friends