About Piasa

Piasa is a five-piece alternative rock band hailing from Evansville, Indiana. While our catalog consists primarily of original material, a few covers may appear on the set list from time to time. Piasa is comprised of individuals who have dedicated the majority of their lives to exploring and promoting the art of music. While each member has benefited from classical instruction, it has been their time together that has proven to be the most fruitful in the realm of creativity. Piasa is known for their ability to capture the attention of their audience through conveyance of musicianship, passion, and technical proficiency. Their enthralling live shows are a true testament to disciplined rehearsals and the professional manner in which they approach each opportunity. If you think that your venue may benefit from an exciting performance from a band that understands and respects the importance of entertainment in a business environment, contact us.

What's a Piasa?

The Piasa Bird is a legendary creature that the Mississippians painted on a cliffside near Alton, Illinois.

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